Monday, February 4, 2013

Training Progress & Protein

Well I purchased the bike trainer and put it together in five minutes. Then I realized, not only are my bike tires low, they are bumpy mountain bike tires that make a loud noise on a bike trainer! So I guess I will be purchasing hybrid road tires sooner than I thought. Luckily they aren't that expensive. $25 each for basic, $50 each for tougher. I will get the tougher ones, why not for the race?

Today I did a slow jog outside for the first time since December. I haven't been house-bound due to weather, but due to sickness and ligament stress. I am at 95% now. I biked 10 miles on the stationary while working (on computer) then ate and rested a bit, then went out for a jog. Of course the fresh air was amazing :)

I don't have a fancy watch yet, don't think I need one. I have an Iron Man watch I won at the Iron Girl race many years back (funny isn't it?).

I am managing 50 grams of protein a day, paying attention, mostly getting it from food, but sometimes a shake. I can now feel my body differently when I don't have enough protein. It doesn't always feel like regular hunger, more like a "nic fit" of a smoker, like a longing, a bit of an unidentified ache that reminds me - PROTEIN!

I look forward to more communication with my Meetup group - it would be fun to wear the same colored shirt on race day and race as a team?

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